Saturday, April 24, 2010

The view from here...

My new friend Renee over at the Growing Stams made a comment on my old blog post from February 23, 2010 and it reminded me that I had a blog. A blog that I love and miss. A blog post from March has been waiting patiently for me.

We got a new van. Our old van had everything...6 disc, DVD, automatic doors, loaded really everything. The new van? Nothing. Bubkus. Not even automatic doors and I have to turn on my own headlights...GASP.

Well guess what...we had a Baby Fish (AKA Nemo) and he stretched our budget a little thinner so we needed to downsize and who needs all of those bells and whistles anyhow?

You know what is important? The view from here. When I look in that mirror and see these 3 beautiful smiles smiling back at me it reminds me that we need very little.

Today's lesson for me and for you if you want to learn from my blog :)

It doesn't matter where you only matters that the people you love the most in the world are near.

Van #3 July 12, 2006-March 6, 2010

Van # 4 March 6, 2010

Man, we have some super cute kids :)

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Stam House said...

I agree those little kiddos are just adorable!!! And look at the smile of "Nemo" in the first pic!!! You just want to kiss those cheeks!!!